How can we help you and your employees succeed?

Nuts and Bolts Contracting, LLC offers a variety of training programs to help you and your employees excel in every aspect of the construction or contracting business. All of our trainings are grounded in the principles and concepts found in our books.

Benefits of training include:

  • Expanding your employees’ knowledge base and expertise
  • Improving job satisfaction and retaining key employees longer
  • Helping your company run smoother, operate more efficiently, and eliminate costly mistakes
  • Working better as team, all with the same focus and priorities
  • Enhancing company culture
  • Showing employees you care about them by investing in their professional and personal growth


Main Book Foundation Course (online)

The goal of this foundation course is to help you gain full understanding of the principles and practices in the main Nuts and Bolts book so you can expertly implement them into your company using the exercises contained in the Companion Workbook and Owner’s Manual as a guide. Note that you will need to have a copy of the main book in your possession to take this training. This training is delivered online.

During this course you will:

  • Review each chapter
  • Take multiple exams
  • Write an essay for each chapter
  • Write a final essay on the complete book to demonstrate your understanding of the material
  • Work at a pace comfortable for you and your schedule
  • Take up to three months to complete the course

You will have multiple learning opportunities to integrate the material being taught through written exercises, role-plays, videos, etc. An instructor will monitor your progress.


Take your business to the next level!

Our focus is to help you identify, develop, and implement the processes and tools to improve efficiencies, eliminate nagging problems, get new business, and optimize profitability.

  • Training: Get the training your company needs to excel.
  • Resources: Tools and tips to help your business run smoother and get more clients.
  • What’s New: Check out the latest from Nuts and Bolts, LLC and industry news.